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Creating Edible Landscapes and hosting Hands-on Learning Workshops and Summer Camps.
Reconnect with Nature while learning the skills you’ll need to take food production into your own hands.
We need your Support
Click here to find out how you can help. All manner of donations gratefully accepted. Money, Time, Land,Equipment.
Local Goods
Browse our directory of farms, businesses, and organizations supporting the local economy here in Michigan.
Fruit Orchards
Help us convert abandoned lots in Detroit into Fruit Orchards and help yourself to free fruit during Harvest seasons.
Be Healthy
You are what you eat. So make it good. Learn how to live a long healthy life while strengthening your local community.
Fruit Tree Raffle
A $2 raffle ticket puts you in the running to win a fruit tree for your home, school, or place of business.
Drawing on April 29, 2011